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David Hewlett | Abydos Gate Atlantis

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Geek!Love | David Hewlett | Abydos Gate - Atlantis
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This community is for updates to Geek!Love, the David Hewlett sub-site of the Abydos Gate Atlantis site.


1: RESPECT for one another other, for the community, for the site, for yourself, and for David Hewlett.

2. Make the LJ-CUT your best friend! (<lj-cut> OR <lj-cut text="CHANGE THIS">)
If you are going to be talking about episodes of Stargate Atlantis from the current season (or even the season previous of Stargate SG-1), please put it behind the cut. In some countries (like Canada and the UK), the season gets ahead of other countries because they do not take the same breaks in the season as the US. This means the season does not end at the same time, and some countries get episodes considerably sooner than other countries. LJ cut tags would be greatly appreciated in this case. (NOTE: Here in Canada, we are an entire season behind for Stargate SG-1, while we are right on par for Stargate Atlantis. Don't ask, I don't get it either. lol)

3. Feel free to share images, icons and wallpapers! PLEASE DO! Image posting rules:
  • State whether or not you are giving permission for Geek!Love to use the image(s).

  • Keep larger images under an lj cut (see above) so our members with dial-up members won't cry. I was once a dial-up member and probably will one day be one again. I'd appreciate the courtesy! :D

  • If you are posting more than four icons, feel free to leave the first three out, but please put the remainder under a cut for the above reason.

4. If you are going to post fanfiction, please use the following format:
Author's Notes:

<lj-cut text="FIC UNDER THE CUT">

I will be archiving fic at Geek!Love, so please submit your fic. :) And please, get a beta! Joining this community will be an ideal opportunity for you to make a call for beta readers. Don't know what a beta reader is? That's alright! Here's your chance to learn and make use of one.

A beta reader is like an editor for fanfic writers. Your beta reader(s) will read your fic, point out grammar, spelling and character/plot errors and give you the opportunity to fix them and give you the opportunity for you to become the best writer you can be. Love your beta writer, use your beta writer. :)

5. I'm sure there should be more rules, but I'm learning here. :P If I think of something else, or something should come up that should require a rule, a new rule shall be added forthwith.

Thank you everyone for all your enthusiasm so far, and I look forward to your co-operation and participation! *squee!* Let the fun begin!

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