June 22nd, 2006

New Fanfic, Rated M, Rodney/Sam/Jonas

Title: Something to Remember Me By
Pairing: Rodney/Sam/Jonas
Setting: post-Redemption
Rating: Mature
Length: Approx 2,500 words
Summary: Rodney wants to play with Sam’s pet alien

A/N: As my wonderful beta pixie_on_acid pointed out, this is not the Rodney we’ve come to know and love on SGA. The character in this story is based solely on the sexually aggressive über-geek from his appearances on SG-1, including the AU Rodney seen in Moebius. This Rodney still may be easily threatened in the lab, but he’s not so insecure when it comes to pursuing people he wants.

This story was written solely for the pleasure (and hopefully amusement) of my dear friend, raisintorte.

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