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that guy in cube, 80 icons, and a wallpaper

when i saw cube 10 years ago, i loved the twisted story, the claustrophobic set, and snarky, nihilistic worth. for the longest time afterward i fondly thought of david hewlett as "that guy in cube". i had no interest in SG-1 but when i saw him pop up in SGA a while back, i was pleased "that guy in cube" was getting work. in fact he was the reason i decided to check out the show. i figured if "that guy in cube" was in it, it can't be all bad. SGA is now one of my favorite shows, cube is still one of my favorite movies...and i can finally remember his real name. :p


worth icon extravaganza at my journal
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Screengrabs - 5.01 Search and Rescue

Hi everybody,

perhaps you've heard that Stargate Atlantis episode 5.01 found it's way into the web. There are many places there you can read about this new episode - and of course download it.

I've something different for you. If you are interested you can see some screengrabs from "Search and Rescue" at my community
Because of the spoilers I won't post them here. I don't want to spoil anything for those who want to wait for official airing of the episode. Everyone interested just go to my community Impressive Men of Sci-Fi


PS: Of course there are pics with Rodney McKay.

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